2020 Braida Moscato d’Asti ‘Vigna Senza Nome’ Half Bottle 375ml

Region: Piedmont, Italy

Viticulture: Conventional

Winemaker: Raffella and Giuseppe Bologna

Established Date: 1961 

The Latin wording on the label, “Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas”, means “the farmer directs the work of the plough”. The letter G highlighted on the label emphasises the passage from father to son of knowledge of the vineyard: Giuseppe, Giacomo and then Giuseppe again.

 Made with 100% Moscato d’Asti grapes grown in an estate-owned vineyard in Mango. Maceration on skins for several hours in a horizontal press, followed by pressing. Vinification off skins, with prise de mousse in temperature controlled pressurised tanks, at about 4°C for 20 days. Upon completion of fermentation, stabilisation with cooling to -4°C, micro filtration and bottling ageing for several weeks.

Sommelier’s Recommendation: A unique delicacy from Piedmont. An extraordinarily fresh and very variegated bouquet, with fresh fruit, orange blossom, grapes among the many notes. A light and pleasant fizziness that will refresh your palate. Amongst the best dessert wines in the world, the combinations of food pairing are infinite:  ill recommend it with fruit dessert, dry fruits and panettone. Enjoy!

Braida’s story is linked to that of Rocchetta Tanaro, a small town in the Monferrato area.
“My village is not a surprise, it is ten vineyards, six houses, one church”: these are the words of the chansonnier Paolo Frola, who is also the local GP in Rocchetta. The song was written with Gianni Mura, drinking the Barbera of Rocchetta. Some of the ten vineyards in Frola’s song belong to Braida. They were owned by grandfather Giuseppe, who left them to his son Giacomo, and now they are cultivated by Giuseppe and Raffaella Bologna.The estate is the product of the enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial courage of a bona fide Rocchettese, Giacomo Bologna

Braida” was the nickname that Giacomo’s father, Giuseppe Bologna, a professional carter, had earned himself by playing handball, because of his resemblance to the champion of this sport. Along with his father’s nickname Giacomo also inherited his love of the sport and of horses, and a large Barbera vineyard on the Rocchetta hills.