NV Bellavista Alma Brut Grande Cuvee Franciacorta


Region: Lombardy (Italy)

Viticulture: Sustainable, minimum intervention

Winemaker: Mattia Vezzola

Established Date: 1977

The Bellavista Alma Brut Franciacorta it is made from mostly Chardonnay grapes, followed by pinot nero and a small proportion of pinot bianco. Made in the ‘traditional method‘, the different parcels of wine are all vinified separately. 15% of the wines used in the blend are fermented and then matured for seven months in small oak barrels. These wines are then blended with the “reserve wines”, which come from between six and nine earlier vintages. Once blended, the wine is bottled and the second fermentation takes place in bottle.  It is then left to age on the lees for two and a half years before release. The contribution of the reserve wines ensures Bellavista’s consistent, signature style in every bottle.

Sommelier’s Recommendation:  One of the most iconic and prestigious sparkling in the Italian (and global) wine scene. Fine bubbles, fresh and delicate on the palate but at the same time persistent, with notes of white flowers, pear and the typical bread/toast aroma. A great example of elegance that will bring your tasting experience to another level.

Bellavista was founded in Franciacorta in 1977 by businessman Vittorio Moretti decided to transform a small family run winery. So named Bellavista as the original vineyards are located on Bellavista Hill looking out over Lake Iseo and the Po Valley at the foothills of the Alps. In 1981, he met a young winemaker called Mattia Vezzola. Vezzola impressed Moretti with his passion and knowledge, while Vezzola was assured that Moretti was interested only in quality. From this meeting was born the partnership that has transformed Bellavista into Italy’s leading producer of quality sparkling wine. Moretti wanted to ensure the bottle looked good, so he had his own design produced by the Murano glass factory in Venice.

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