Riva dei Frati Prosecco Extra Dry NV


Region: Veneto, Italy

Viticulture: Conventional

Winemaker: Adami Family

Established Date: 1933

Grape variety is 100% Glera previously known as prosecco. All the grapes are hand-harvested, ensuring only quality grapes are used. This is a dry prosecco.


Sommelier’s Recommendation

Riva dei Frati Prosecco demonstrates clean, vibrant flavours of apple, pear and a hint of stone fruit. Perfect as an a aperitif or with some Sydney rock oysters. This wine is the perfect people pleaser for all occasions.

Riva dei Frati is named after the place where the vineyards are located: a forgotten abbey and a steep slope. A “bank” particularly suited to viticulture, exposed to wind and sun, where the grapes of true Prosecco hone their scent.

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