2017 Langmeil ‘Orphan Bank’ Shiraz

Wine Info: The wine is 100% shiraz grapes, sourced from vine of an average age of 85 years old. are hand-picked and delivered to the winery, where they are gently worked through the de-stemmer before being transferred to open fermenters.  The juice is pumped over twice a day for seven days to extract, homogenise and regulate temperature before draining. After the wine has completed the malolactic fermentation, its mature in 40% new and 60% seasoned French oak for 23 months before bottling.


Sommelier’s Recommendation: Sensational. Powerful and elegant at the same time. On the nose and on the palate you can catch an almost ‘wise and experienced’ fruit profile given by this old vines. All the components such as tannins, acidity and alcohol  are very well bond together, that gives you a mouth full of flavor on every sip.

A dry age rib eye steak with peppercorn sauce, game and poultry or hard seasoned cheese will make it the best paring.


Region: Barossa Valley (SA)

Viticulture: Sustainable

Winemaker: Paul Lindner

Established Date: 1972

Winery  Backstory: The history of Langmeil is deeply entwined in stories about a brave pioneer, a timeless vineyard, industry downfall, three white knights and a present-day family’s enduring legacy. Pioneer, Christian Auricht, establishes one of the Barossa’s first trading villages in 1842 on the banks of the North Para River, naming it Langmeil. This historical site is home to Langmeil Winery today. In 1843, Christian also planted one-acre of Shiraz vines on the estate, which is still producing fruit today.

The village of Langmeil was then changed to Bilyara and today it is now known as the township of Tanunda

In 1972 Bernkastel Wines purchased the winery and property, operating under their own label.

In 1996 Three white knights, better known around the Barossa as three local mates, collaborate to purchase the derelict property.

The trio refurbished the old winery and named it Langmeil after the original 1842 village.