2019 Tenuta delle Terre Nere Etna Bianco


Region: Sicily, Italy

Viticulture: Certified Organic

Winemaker: Marco De Grazia

Established Date: N/A (first vintage released 2002)

First made in 2005. Marco de Grazia wanted to remove that more or less 5% of white grapes that the local vignerons used to mingle with their red ones. The white grapes were a mumbo-jumbo of local varieties: Carricante, Catarratto, Grecanico, Inzolia and Minnella. So that’s what this Etna Bianco is: a field blend of all the above, with Carricante dominating the blend with roughly 65% all from old vines. And that’s what it still is.  And, somehow, it works.  Deviously drinkable, still it always clings, leaving one wondering how it delights and where do the goodies come from. In aging, the noblesse of the Etna and its remarkable terroir emerge. And the loveliness turns thoughtful and deepens, still graceful, never redundant.

Sommelier’s Selection I believe that grapes that grow together go together and this field blend proves that fact. Like a band of musicians are better than the sums of its parts, this wine is the same. Deep, complex, interesting and takes you on a journey especially when matched with a Seafood pasta dish with fresh vibrant herbs.

The estate Tenuta delle Terre Nere is owned by the widely acclaimed Marco de Grazia. Marco is recognized as one of a small group of winemakers on Etna who have been responsible for elevating Etna wines to a high international level. His vineyards are located on the northern slopes of Etna, universally regarded as the best place to grow grapes for Etna wines thanks to the volcanic soil created by incalculable numbers of lava flows following upon each other in the volcano’s venerable age. This property consists of 38 hectares of vineyards between 50 to 100 years old vines with one parcel, having survived phylloxera, has reached the honorable age of 140 years old.

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