Chateau Suduiraut “Lion du Suduiraut” Sauternes


Region: Sauternes, Bordeaux,  France

Viticulture: Conventional

Winemaker : Pierre Montégut

Established Date:

The Lions du Suduiraut is a  blend of  92% Sémillon and 8% of Sauvignon Blanc planted on the gravelly, sandy soil near the banks of the Gironde, which helps with the development of botrytis that is essential to create the unique flavours profile of Sauterns. After the fermentation the 10% of the wine ages in new oak for 14 months.


Sommelier’s Recommendation The Lions de Suduiraut is an ideal introduction to Sauternes. This wine has been specifically designed to reveal the pleasures of taste provided by Sauternes wines. The intense nose reveals notes of candied fruits, in particular apricot and melon, with hints of smokiness and minerals. Then, notes of vanilla and passion fruit emerge. The attack is round and fresh. The finish is smooth with notes of candied apricot.

The estate took the name of Suduiraut in 1580 on the marriage of Nicole d’Allard to Léonard de Suduiraut. The château was plundered and burned down during the Fronde insurrection, then rebuilt in the XVII century. It was re-named Cru du Roy in the late 18th century on being taken over by a nephew of the Suduiraut family, Jean Joseph Duroy, Baron of Noaillan. The family home then acquired a cartouche featuring the Suduiraut and Duroy coats of arms, which was to give rise to the escutcheon used by Château Suduiraut today. On 18 April 1855 the estate was classed as a Premier Cru during the official wine classification programme in the Gironde winegrowing area.

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