2018 Curly Flat Chardonnay


Region: Macedon Ranges, VIC

Viticulture: Sustainable

Winemaker: Matt Harrop

Established Date: 1989

A stunning Chardonnay matured for 18 months in  French oak barrels,  of which one-third  are brand new oak barrels. A floral and savoury nose rich with white stone fruits and layers of lemon-lime citrus zest. The aromas of fresh cut green apple add charm to the subtle, savoury frame of white truffle and bakers spice. On the palate, intense white peach drives the front palate before crisp citrus energy merges with savoury wheatmeal notes and fine chalky structure that culminates with lingering minerality.

Sommelier’s Recommendation

A zesty chardonnay with a classic struck match note combined with well integrated oak make this wine one of my favourite Australian Chardonnay. A great wine to combine with food and would also be happy to be left in the cellar a bit longer.

Curly Flat was developed in 1989 by Phillip Moraghan and Jenifer Kolkka after the Greenfield site in the Macedon Ranges was identified as the  ideal place  for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Macedon Ranges is the coolest mainland wine region in Australia. This unique viticultural site owes much to the combination of altitude (540 metres), latitude (south of The Great Dividing Range), and distance from the mitigating influence of the ocean. After warm summer days we get we get crisp, cool evenings which slow ripening and help retain natural acidity. These are ideal conditions for the early ripening varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.The cool climate in the Macedon Ranges produces fruit of high natural acidity and intense, yet elegant structure there is little need for us to meddle with what the vineyard delivers.

Curly Flats’ oldest vines were planted in 1992. Subsequent plantings (1993 to 2019) have seen the vineyard grow to 14.5 hectares. A diversity of aspect and clone provide a range of grapes that allow for a wide variety of winemaking opportunities. The red volcanic basalt soils have structure and depth allowing the roots to descend many metres, increasing the soil volume able to be exploited by the vines. Curly Flat wines are naturally fermented – we find that the use of ambient yeast (those that are native to the vineyard and winery) leads to improved texture, mouth feel and more varietal flavour components in our finished wines.

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