2020 Franz Haas Pinot Grigio


Region: Alto Adige, Italy

Viticulture:  Conventional

Winemaker : Franz Haas

Established Date: 1880

From vineyards between 600-800 metres with soils with a high content of clay and lime, this is fermented off skins at controlled temperature, mostly in stainless steel with 20% in old barriques and aged on lees for a few months for a fuller body and complexity. Bright aromas of acacia flowers, fresh hay and almond that evolve with ageing to honey and linden flowers, the palate is fresh and crisp.


Sommelier’s Recommendation 

A great Pinot Grigio is hard to find but we found one! The Franz Haas Pinot Grigio has so many complex aromas that leap out of the glass. Lime, Acacia, Sage and Honey is a stunning combination of flavours that dance over the palate. Franz Haas is an incredible Winemaker that never stops striving for perfection. This wine’s shows finesse and elegance whilst being precise & pure.

Franz is the third generation first born son named Franz to run this family estate, established in 1880. The property vinifies grapes from 50 hectares of vineyards, 30 of which are estate grown across a variety of mesoclimates and soil composition.

The Alto Adige region, known as the sud-Tirol when it belonged to neighbouring Austria, provides an awe inspiring backdrop for grape growing. The valley is split by the Adige River and the mountains climb steeply on either side, with vineyards reaching 1000 metres. The vines here reflect the challenging extremes of viticulture. Surrounded by mountains, winters are long and freezing and the short summer months scorching hot, with nearby Bolzano often recording Italy’s hottest temperatures. Breezes from nearby Lago di Garda provide a moderating influence and there is a dramatic difference between day and night temperatures, especially at the vineyards over 500 metres. The wines are characterized by crisp fruit and refreshing acidity with real personality and ageing potential.

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