Taittinger ‘Prelude’ Grand Cru Champagne NV



Region: Reims, France

Viticulture: Sustainable

Winemaker: Lioc Dupont

Established Date: 1808

– NV Taittinger Prelude Grand Cru

Prélude Grands Crus Cuvée is composed of Chardonnay (50%) and Pinot Noir (50%) that Taittinger has selected exclusively from the top Grands Crus vineyards Produced only using first press wines, this rare blend offers the finesse and structure that a great wine needs if it to be laid down for any length of time. On the palate, this wine strikes the perfect balance of the instantly minerally Chardonnay and the strongly expressive Pinot Noir. Aged for more than five years in the cellar, the Prélude cuvée is unique for its remarkable youth and great wealth of flavours.

Sommelier’s Recommendation

A lovely nose of brioche, white flowers and citrus. Body is full, creamy and elegant. Prelude has been aged for more than 5 years in the Taittinger celler and exudes finesse, structure and a wealth of flavour. A beautiful drop to have with or without food.

In 1734, Jacques Fourneaux established a wine-business in Champagne and worked closely with the Benedictine Abbeys which, at that time, owned the finest vineyards in the region.  The Taittingers were a family of wine merchants who, in 1870, moved to the Paris region from the Lorraine in order to retain their French citizenship after the Franco-Prussian War and the Treaty of Frankfurt (1871). In 1932, Pierre Taittinger bought the Château de la Marquetterie from the wine house of Forest-Fourneaux. It had been used as a command post during World War I and he had been laid up there after suffering a heart-attack during combat. in 1960, Claude Taittinger took over and directed the business from 1960 to 2005. It was during this time that Taittinger became a champagne house of world renown.


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